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Hub City Blueprint Public Projects
Waverly TN Central High School Renovations
Lashlee-Rich Inc-PE
Bid Date:10/14/2014
New Fire Station No 3-McComb MS
Morris General Construction-ct
Bid Date:10/27/2014
Covington TN Housing Authority-New Duplex Construction
Morris General Construction-ct
Bid Date:11/17/2014
Gibson County Special School District-Gymnasium Addition-Gibson Cy TN
Lashlee-Rich Inc-BH
Bid Date:12/11/2014
Dyersburg Housing Authority-Ridgely TN
Morris General Construction-ct
Bid Date:12/2/2014
CVS Pharmacy No 10645-Dyersburg TN
Levine and Poor rb
Bid Date:12/19/2014
Arlington TN Fire Station-Renovations and Additions
Artizan Constructors LLC
Bid Date:12/23/2014
Millwood Place Development-Clarksville Arkansas
Wolgast Corporation
Bid Date:1/6/2015
West Helena Village-West Helena Arkansas
Wolgast Corporation
Bid Date:1/6/2015
Farmers Market-Martin Tennessee
Morris General Construction-ct
Bid Date:1/12/2015
Henry Cy Medical Center-OR Suite 7 Surgery and Recovery Renovation-Paris TN
Watlington Brothers Inc
Bid Date:1/27/2015
Bethel University Library Safe Room Retrofit-McKenzie TN
Henson Construction Services Inc.
Bid Date:2/11/2015
Sprouts Farmers Market-Germantown TN
Joe N Guy Co Inc
Bid Date:1/28/2015
T O Fuller State Park-Interpretive Center-Memphis TN
Morris General Construction-bs
Bid Date:2/20/2015
Benton County Electric-New Headquarters Building-Camden TN
TLM & Associates
Bid Date:2/24/2015
Power Center Academy-Redesign of Middle School-Memphis TN
EMJ Corporation
Bid Date:2/2/2015
Krystal-12 Stonebridge-Jackson TN
CBI General Contractors
Bid Date:3/10/2015
Ruler RU-341-Kroger-Martin TN
Rowlett Inc
Bid Date:3/5/2015
Current Private Projects
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